Captain Marvel and Avengers 4 Trailers

December 7, 2018

It’s finally here! The long awaited Avengers 4 trailer has officially dropped along with my jaw! Vicky B and I both were so excited, we decided to write another one of our DUEL BLOGS! 


I know Vicky and I (and most people) are still riding high from the debut of the Captain Marvel trailer and now with this, well, I can think of no better way to kick off December.

If you haven’t seen it yet, here ya go: 



I’m not sure what I was expecting but this Captain Marvel trailer knocked it out of the park. It reminds me of a cross between Thor and Guardians of the Galaxy, which is right down my alley. We even caught a glimpse of a pretty awesome Mohawk! I’m not sure what role Captain Marvel is going to play in Endgame but one thing’s for sure, she’s going to kick some ass! Is it March yet?



This movie looks like it's going to be amazing, and it's not because it's "the first girl lead super hero movie". They are pay homage to Captain Marvel's mohawk look from the comics, the CGI to make Nick Fury (played by Samuel L. Jackson) look 20-30 years younger is fantastic, and she seems like a bad ass hero regardless of her gender. I'm not a fan of movies/shows that try to hard to do the whole "I'm a girl, look at me, I'm a superhero and I'm a girl!" because it seems cheesy and honestly, almost insulting. The way this trailer looks, I am confident we are not going to get that sort of character.   



Before I spoil anything from the trailer, take a second out of your day to experience the hype for yourself.

Check out the new Avengers trailer below:


Anyone else feel bad for Tony Stark? The man gets stabbed by Thanos and now he’s left floating alone in space….the struggle is real. I guess that’s what you get for trying to fight all 6 infinity stones.  Endgame seems to pick up right where we left off at the end of Infinity War with 50% of all life GONE! But have no fear, there are still a couple of heroes left to fight the good fight! If you remember from the last movie, Hawkeye and Ant-man were absent due to family obligations, and to no surprise, they survived Thanos’s mighty SNAP! We get a glimpse of both in the trailer and DAM does Hawkeye looked pissed. I have a feeling someone may have lost a family member or two sense we’ve last seen him. Ant-man on the other hand, still funny as hell! Together with Captain American, Black Widow, and Thor, it seems our mighty group of Superhero’s have a plan to fix the desolation that Thano’s has caused.

I’m still on the edge of my seat waiting to see Captain Marvel show up in an Endgame trailer but I doubt that’s going to happen for a while. But a man can dream……or just watch both trailers at the same time! Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to find a second computer monitor!


This trailer did a great job getting us hungry for more, it was like a bite size appetizer. This really was just done to announce the official movie name, but I am not complaining. Like Joey, I was hoping to see Captain Marvel in this trailer too, but I don't think we will be seeing her in an Avengers trailer until after Captain Marvel is released on March 8th. 


How do you feel about the new trailers, and what are your predictions? 


Rock On People and Stay Nerdy! 

~Joey Deez and Vicky B