Did the BJ and MIGS crew survive Chicago?

Joey Deez Blog

August 16, 2019

Hello and welcome friends to a special deep dish edition of the Joey Deez blog!!!! Today I'm going to take you on a visually thrilling adventure through the streets of Chicago as the BJ and MIGS recap our out epic outings at Radio Bootcamp! 

It all started out on Wednesday morning like any other.....at 4am. You'd think we would sleep-in on a day off, but no, we're still just as crazy on our days off. You can tell Rev was quite happy about it. 

Our flight had those awesome built-in screens in front of each seat which made the time fly by. I may have watched Avengers: Endgame the entire flight :D 

And faster as a Thanos snap, we were in Chicago! 

The view from our hotel was amazing! Just like the weather all weekend! 

It took Oh Sara about 5 minutes to find her happy place in a  giant chair. 

#thepartyneverends perfectly defines Oh Sara's lifestyle haha

But she wasn't the only one who had a drink or two after we landed. 

Nothing brings a family together like a nice shot of vodka..... or glass of wine :) 

But drinking on an empty stomach can be dangerous and there's only one way to stay properly fuled up in Chicago.....

Look at the CHEESE!!!! Is anyone else's mouth drooling right now??!?

We got three small pizzas (yes those are smalls) for the 6 of us because who doesn't want to try all the toppings?? We got a veggie, a meat lovers, and a BBQ chicken. To my surprise, the BBQ chicken pizza was the best by far. I could have finished the entire pie myself.

The day ended quickly after that meal due to the massive food coma's we were all suffering from. Totally worth it. The next morning came quickly as we all prepared for day 1 of bootcamp!

Look at these 2 ballers up bright and early ready to crush some radio bootcamp panels! There was a lot of learning....and a lot of finger guns hahahha. 

We took a quick walk along the water during lunch to easy our busy minds....

Anyone want to take a swim? Ok maybe not, but it was beautiful out and exactly what we all need to energize up before the nights festivities. 

Did somebody say shots? 

Oh Sara is just jealous because she's not a fancy as I am. Two drinks > One drink. 

But we didn't stop there. 

A party bus you say? Don't mind if I do. Choo Choo! 

But where were we going? To an awesome place called "Whirlyball"!!! For those of you who don't know, Whirlyball is a crazy combination of Lacrosse and bumper cars!

We joined a bunch of our radio friends for food and drinks along with some "heathly competition" playing Whirlyball! 

side note: open bars are the best bars. That is all. 

The next morning was a bit rough for me. Three cheers for a wicked hangover!! Hip Hip?! and I'm gone. 

But like all great heros, I rallied through the day and long into the night! 

Steve, Vicky, Sara and I found the dopest bar down by Wrigley Field called "The Happy Camper". And yes, those are umbrellas :) 

We ended the night with a nice stumble down the pier in search for tasty treat: ice cream!

Shout Out to AJ and Ashleigh for hanging out with us. Always fun to party with other radio friends!

Chicago is quickly becoming one of my favorite cities! And that's not just the alcohol talking. 

Or the pizza.....

You can never have too much pizza! Right BJ?!?! 

This truly was unforgettable "family" vacation. 

But the trip wouldn't be complete without a classic "humble pose". Rock On People! 

If you want to see more photos and videos from our trip, make sure to check out the BJ and MIGS page!

Spoiler alert: There may be a video of Vicky and Steve on a Carousel :D