Cover Songs

Joey Deez Blog

July 19, 2018


Hello Rock-A-Holics and welcome to a spectacular edition of the Thursday Blog – Throwdown edition! If you’ve been listening to the BJ and MIGS show recently you’ve undoubtedly heard us talk about all the crazy covers that bands have been releasing lately; most recently Def Leppard’s cover of Depeche Modes’ “Own Personal Jesus”. While some of these covers a bit odd, it did get me thinking, what are some of the best covers I’ve ever heard? For me, the covers that stand out are the ones you would never expect, and Our Last Night’s cover of a Post Malone song fits the bill perfectly. I’m not sure what kind of rock to call this but that doesn’t matter because my head’s banging to it regardless. Take a second and have a listen!


Check out this awesome cover of Post Malone’s “Better Now”:


This may be a cover but I’ll admit I like it better than the original. If you liked the song, check out the rest of the stuff that Our Last Night has done. They have a ton of awesome covers across a bunch of different music genres. I wish more bands would do dedicated covers of their favorite songs; especially the older songs that may not have had the best production quality. As it turns out, any song can be Rockified and usually it’s pretty great. That’s why for this Throwdown Thursday I’m asking you, The Rock-A-Holics…..


What’s your favorite cover song? Which band do you want to see do a cover, and of what song? ​