Joey Deez Blog 

March 1, 2018

It’s finally here! That’s right Rock-A-Holics, today is the start of ECCC2018! The entire Geek Nation crew is getting pumped up today to check out all things nerdy at the Washington State Convention Center. Comics, clothes, board games, video games; you name it; you can find it! Oh, and did I mention the awesome cosplayers? What about the incredible lineup of celebrities? If you haven’t heard of a man named David Tennant check out the line at the Sheraton later today; I’m sure the Doctor Who fans will be out in droves. Dang, this is surely going to be an action packed weekend!


My favorite part of any con has to be the cosplayers. The amount of time and effort that these artists put into their costumes is insane. Many of them look better than the originals they are portraying. I’ve never had the chance dress up for one of these events, but if I could, I definitely would. What would I cosplay as? Touch choice, but if I had to choose right now it would have to be Bender from Futurama. Or maybe Doctor Strange. Wait no….The Hulk! Ugh, so many choices. That’s why ECCC is so awesome; you get to see them all!


If you’re going to be at ECCC, keep an eye out for the Geek Nation crew and come say Hi. If I had to guess, BJ and crew will probably be at the board gaming area (shocking I know). Make sure to check out the BJGeekNation Facebook page to stay up to date on where everyone is at and check out Vicky's Blog to get the details about their panels! Rock On and Geek Out!


What’s your favorite thing to do at ECCC? ​