Game of….Cheese?

Joey Deez Blog

May 3, 2019


Hello Rock-A-Holics and let me be the first to say Happy Friday! We’re just one step away from the weekend and if your anything like me, you’re eagerly awaiting another episode of Game of Thrones! I’ve spent the entire week “discussing” all the crazy things that happened during THE BATTLE OF WINTERFELL! I won’t go into any spoilers in this blog, but if you want to hear my opinion and those of the Rev, BJ and Vicky, check out BJ Shea’s geek nation podcast by clicking the link below.



I get asked a question fairly frequently about what kind of food I like to eat before binging a show or watching a movie; and after this weekend I can tell finally say with confidence I’ve found my favorite…..


CHEESE DIP!!!!!!!!!!!!


Shocking I know, cheese is involved. But people, I had the greatest spicy Sriracha cheese dip on Sunday and let’s just say the bag of tortilla chips did not survive the Battle of Wintefell. It was so good I spent the rest of the day searching the internet trying to find the perfect cheese dip recipe and what did I find? A whole lot of cheese; and one of my favorite video series. As it turns out, Basics with Babish was releasing a dip video this week (which dropped Thursday) with a bunch of easy to make versions of your most desirable dips.


If you want to enjoy some amazing cheese dips, watch the video below!


*Crunch Crunch Crunch*….Sorry I was a little “busy” during that last video. How could I forget to mention the greatest dip of all time……spinach artichoke dip! My mouth is literally salivating at thought of diving a crispy tortilla chip into creamy bowl of spinachy greatness. My dad and I have a tradition of going to our local CPK (California Pizza Kitchen) for a big bowl of spinach artichoke dip and a slice of creamy key lime pie after every Marvel movie. I like to think the food keeps us from nit picking every movie we see. If you’ve never tried this dip, I definitely recommend it. Plus, you can never go wrong with key lime pie!


If you want to be a hero at your next GoT viewing, break out your best dip and let the battle begin!


Here’s to hoping for another epic episode of GoT….and some very tasty cheese dip!


Rock on people! ​