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November 10, 2017


Take a look at the clock, take a look at the calendar Rock-A-Holics… ITS FRIDAY!!! We’ve made it through another work week which means it’s time to kick back and relax. The Hawks have Sunday off which means you might be looking for something to watch so why not a game show? I know Oh Sara loves to watch the Price is Right in her spare time which is why I had to share this video of an odd contestant who decides he doesn’t need a new set of wheels.


Check out this guy’s odd strategy on The Price is Right:


I guess the guy doesn’t like cars? I know you have to pay taxes on the prizes you win on game shows but couldn’t you resell the car after you get it? Who knows? Sure, he isn’t guaranteed the car, but it’s not like he was going to give up a bunch of money to try and win it. The guy did say he loves the Price is Right so I would assume he knew what he was doing. Either way, $1,500 isn’t bad.


If I could be on one game show it would definitely be Family Feud. Could you imagine the Shea family talking with Steve Harvey….the comedy would be endless. I’m sure things would get way to competitive and several family members might not be allowed back to family dinner if we lost. Rev got to live his dream of being on the Wheel of Fortune and even though he didn’t win big, he said it was an incredible experience. I don’t know if we will ever get on the show, but if we do, you’ll know who the MVP will be….THIS GUY!


If you could go on any game show, what would it be?