GE2 Is This Weekend!

Joey Deez Blog

October 20, 2017

Ohhhhhheyyyyy rockoholics it’s Ooh Sara in taking over for the Joey Deez and it’s mother freaking Friday!! I don’t know about you but by golly this week has felt like it has gone on FOREVERRRRR. Maybe that’s because it’s now getting dark at like 6:00pm or maybe because I am just so excited for this weekend!


What am I doing this weekend you ask? Well #GE2 is this weekend! GE2 is a full gaming experience with all things like drone racing, virtual reality, nerf guns, laser tag, board games plus even more!

We here at the station were lucky enough to try out some of these things & they were a blast! And I must say I am now a nerf gun pro, so if you see me at GE2 over the weekend challenge me to a nerf gun war and lets PLAY! Yes that’s right, you can join all the gaming fun with all of us here at KISW.


Go to for tickets.








Hope to see and game with you there!