Actors You Didn't Realize Were Guest Stars on Star Trek!Actors You Didn't Realize Were Guest Stars on Star Trek!

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March 27, 2020
Star Trek: Picard Premiere - London

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Raise your hand if you’ve already had plans ruined by the Coronavirus…….”Raises Hand”.


Yeah…I feel your pain people! It’s been tough out there with school closures, job losses, and cancelations but one thing that shall never be canceled is……the internet!


If we’re going to have to stay inside for the foreseeable future at least we can stay connect on social media which is why I have Facebook to thank for this video I saw posted by a friend of mine Gareth. The topic? Star Trek of course!


I’ve been watching a ton of the new Picard series on the CBS app in my spare time and although it doesn’t feel like the Star Trek I grew up with, it does scratch that Star Trek itch that I’ve been missing. Plus it has Patrick Steward; can’t go wrong there.  So you can see why this video caught my eye of the 38 actors you didn’t realize were in Star Trek. This list will definitely surprise you so check it out below!



The Rock stared in an episode of Voyager?!?! AND HE HAD HAIR?!??! OK this is freaking awesome. I would never have guessed that so many popular actors had guest roles on Star Trek, and many of them as Klingons; so cool! But this got me thinking…..what actor would I love to see in Star Trek? And then it hit me.....Christian Bale! That’s right, I want to see Batman guest star on an episode of Picard as a BORG! He probably won’t be allowed to wear a cape but Bale as the leader of the Borg would be epic. Resistance is futile!


The season finale of Picard aired last night which means you can binge the entire season now! Oh....and did I mention you can do it for free?!?! Thanks CBS! ​


Do you have an actor you wish would make a guest appearance on Star Trek? Share your opinion in the comments! And as always…..


Enjoy the weekend! 





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