Happy National Food Truck Day

Joey Deez's Blog

June 28, 2019


Hello Rock-A-Holics and welcome to a special flavor packed Friday! Why is today so spicy? Because it’s National Food Truck day! That’s right; it’s time to celebrate those incredible 4-wheeled food beasts that provide us with some of the best quick eats money can buy. I know I’ll be roaming the streets of Seattle today “celebrating”. And by celebrating, I mean consuming wayyyyy too much food. But like most things in life today, they are so many choices! So how are we to decide which food trucks to visit? We ask the people of course! Make sure to post your favorite food trucks in the comments section but before you do that check out my 3 favorite food trucks in Seattle below!


El Camion –I have had more tacos from this place than Popeye’s had spinach. If you’re looking for great authentic Mexican food, you’ve found it.


The Grilled Cheese Experience – It’s freaking grill cheese man; how could you go wrong? May I suggest a nice Tomato soup as a “dip” for your sandwich? The perfect combination!


Marination Mobile – If your looking to try something different and delicious, this is your food truck. They offer a special “Kimchi” quesadilla that will blow your mind. Did I mention they have Lumpia? Yea my mouths drooling now.


Seriously if your hungry today and near any of these food trucks, try them out! You won’t be disappointed! Or if you have a favorite food truck that rivals these tantalizing trucks, make sure to post them!


Early Today on the BJ and Migs show we asked the question; what kind of food would you serve at your food truck? Perfect question for a perfect day. You have to check the answers our below: they…. are….. EPIC.


BJ Shea: “Just Desserts” – A truck completely dedicated to no-name cakes! Aka ding-dongs (hah)

Steve Migs: “Migs and Pigs” - Mini Corn Dogs and all the accoutrements you can imagine. There may be some pretzels in their somewhere.

The Rev: “Egg Feugo” – Hard Boiled Eggs and Rev’s Wife’s breakfast cupcakes!

Vicky B: “Vicky’s Spicy Tacos” –Recipes passed down by her family made by one spicy tamale!

Danny: “Mobile Pies” Pizza – It’s pizza on wheels people! And yes, Danny would wear his pizza hoodie every day.

Oh Sara: “Lips and Sips” – When asked about this food truck, Sara simply replied “alcohols not food”?

Joey Deez: “Mac and Deez” – Voted best mac and cheese by people named Joey in the KISW studios. (vote count = 1).


I guess we know the one way everyone can finally try my Mac and Cheese…..and it will only cost the low, low cost of one food truck hahaha. Hey, a man can dream!


What is your favorite Seattle Food Truck and what kind of food would you serve at your food truck? ​