Holiday Gifts

Joey Deez Blog

January 5, 2018

Hello Rock-A-Holics and welcome to Friday! The first week of the New Year is over and it’s time to kick and back relax! Hopefully you had a great winter break and got some awesome holiday gifts that you can use to help you unwind this weekend. I know I’m going to be enjoying a big mug full of hot cocoa tomorrow thanks to a gift my sister got me (Thanks Sara!). But what am I going to be watching while I sip away on hot cocoa….Youtube Videos! Which brings me to my video of the day of a guy getting an epic holiday gift that keeps on giving. Check it out below!



This may be one of the greatest gifts of all time even if it requires some skills to use. All the different version of Wonderwall were on point and the guys face during all of them is hilarious. I would love to spend a weekend trying to remix some of my favorite songs to the beats of different genres. That gift must have been expensive though which would be dangerous for me because my musical skills aren’t that great and I may end up rage throwing it across the room in frustration. That’s probably why my family got me clothes and alcohol for the holiday; hard to ruin those gifts unless you’re The Hulk. Now if you'll excuse me Rock-A-Holics, I'm going to start 2018 off right.....with a shot!


Did you get an awesome Holiday Gift? What was it? ​