Joey Deez Blog

June 15, 2018


Hello Rock-A-Holics and welcome to Friday! This weekend is almost here and with it comes some great weather which is why I’m stoked for my plans Sunday; A day of baseball! The Red Sox are in town playing the Mariners which means BJ and I will be spending the day eating, drinking, and hopefully celebrating a victory.


One of my favorite parts about the visiting Safeco Field is the food. I can’t think of better place to enjoy a hotdog or a nice slice of pizza but earlier this morning I got into a bit of a debate about desserts. I mentioned that getting a nice soft serve ice-cream during baseball game was a must…. only to find out that literally no one can agree on a favorite flavor; Which is crazy because it’s clearly vanilla-chocolate swirl… THE BEST OF BOTH WORLDS! But don’t take my word for it, check out the video below as we debate our favorite ice-creams.



Today I found out that Chris doesn’t like Mint Chocolate chip ice-cream….which means he must be an alien because that stuff is delicious. Hopefully you’ll have time to take a walk in the sun for a scoop or two of ice-cream because after watching that video the craving has been planted! Make sure to keep an eye out for BJ and I if you watch the Mariners game Sunday, we’ll be the angry fans in Red Sox gear. And as always…..Rock On!


What is your favorite flavor of Ice-Cream? ​


- Joey Deez