Jam Packed August

Joey Deez Blog

August 2, 2018


Hello Rock-A-Holics and welcome to the first Thursday of August! I feel like summer just started and yet it’s already coming to an end. But before it goes, there are some very awesome events happening that maybe or may not have heard of. The big one, of course, is Pain in the Grass! Two days at the White River Amphitheater with great bands like Slayer, Lamb of God, Alice in Chains...it’s going to be EPIC! If you haven’t picked up your tickets yet, get them here: https://kisw.radio.com/PainInTheGrass


Another great event going on this month is something all gamers are looking forward to, PAXPrime! 4 days of panels, podcasts, and everything nerdy, PAX has become one of the biggest gamer conventions out there. If you’ve never had the chance to attend a Con like this, a highly recommend it. There are only Monday badges available right now (http://prime.paxsite.com/) but you can always try to buy one online or at the event site day of. Just make sure you bring your sonic screwdriver and your TARDIS so you have a place to keep all the swag you get!


But for us here at BJ and MIGS, August brings one special event that we attend every year, “Morning Show Boot Camp”. You may have heard some crazy stories on air about this gathering of incredible radio talent but for those of you who haven’t, let me give a little breakdown of what happens. We spend a weekend meeting up with friends in the radio biz from across the country sharing tips a tricks of the industry in the hopes to better our show as well as our ability to provide you, the listeners, with the best experience we can! At least that’s what goes on during the day. At night…..well, how should I put this? Let me quote the bartender from last year’s event “Sir, your group has already run the hotel bar out of hard alcohol”. And that was on day one HaHa! Never challenge a group of thirsty radio personalities to a drinking contest…..your liver won’t forgive you. I learned that lesson the hard way. This year we’ll be in Chicago so make sure to tune into the show on the 13th to hear our recap of all the amazing things that happen this year at Morning Show Boot Camp!  


And as always….ROCK ON!


What are you looking forward to most in August?  ​