Joey "Deez" Blog – Halloween Candy

October 27, 2016

Halloween is right around the corner which means it’s time to take another notch off of my belt because the sugar rush is coming. Yes, it’s that one time were your encouraged to collect, and eat, all the candy you can. While you can’t always choose what candy you’re going to get, there’s always that one special sweet treat you hope you’re going to get; whether it’s trick or treating or at the office. Our workplace definitely gets a lot of treats but the one thing I’m always looking for is a slice of pie. While pumpkin flavored is highly encouraged, any pie is the right kind of pie. Outside the office though, candy bars are all the rage and the inner child in me would be furious if I didn’t find out what everyone’s favorite Halloween candy; mostly because you have to know who you can trade with to get the most of your favorite candy. Check out the list below to see what our show’s favorite candy bars are.


BJ – Peanut M and M’s

Migs – Smarties

Vicky – Twix

Rev – Crunch Bars

Danny – Reese’s

Sara – M and M’s

Chris – Reese’s

Joey – Reese’s


Looks like I’ll be fighting Danny and Chris for my favorite candy, maybe I’ll just try and hoard all the snickers.


What kind of Halloween treat are you looking forward to? ​