Joey Deez Blog “Favorite Cereal”

January 11, 2017

They say that Breakfast is the most important meal of the day but when you wake up at 4am every day sometimes you don’t always have time to eat. Because of this, everyone on the show tends to spend a couple minutes snacking when they get a chance and today Vicky brought in Frosted Flakes. A great cereal choice if I do say so myself, but I mentioned to her that I recently saw an ad saying they now have the option to come with Marshmallows.



She then dropped some harsh words on me saying that she is not a fan of marshmallows in her cereal….WHAT?! Marshmallows are awesome and if she doesn’t like them then that means she doesn’t like Lucky Charms which is just Blasphemy! After hearing this I had to investigate what cereals the other members of the show loved and if any of them had marshmallows. Check out the results below!


BJ – Quisp, sugary flying saucers

Steve – Apple Jacks

Rev – Cap’n Crunch

Vicky – Coco Krispies

Danny – Frosted Cherrios

Chris – Raisin Bran

Joey – Cinnamon toast crunch


As it turns out, no one’s favorite cereal has marshmallows; so I guess you win this one Vicky!


What’s your favorite type of cereal? ​