Joey Deez Blog “Hangover Cures for Sara”

April 4, 2017


Oohhhh heyyy!


It’s Ooh Sara here again taking over for my bro Joey Deez.


Now I’m not sure if he just got a little too busy today that he didn’t write a blog or perhaps it is because he is still hung-over from The Meet the Rock Girl Party.


Now if you weren’t at the party I must tell you that you missed out. 16 beautiful ladies strutting their stuff on stage in fun outfits, bikinis and looking flawless.


Now besides all of that greatness did I mention that after the event was over a few of us decided it was time to get our drank on! & I mean shots after shots after shots. It was all good and fun until the next morning....but worth it? HELL YEAH. Even though my voice is still completely gone & my head is still not feeling the same it was totally worth it.  

Here is how I'm doing today...



But I am ready for the cure…the hangover cure. And I need YOU to tell me what that is. What is your go to when you’re on the struggle bus? Food? Liquids? Sleep? Shower? HELP ME PRETTY PLEASE !