Joey Deez Blog “March Madness”

March 20, 2017


Well it only took one weekend to dash my hopes at any chance of a not only a perfect bracket, but even a good one. It’s been one hell of a NCAA tourney so far and many of my favorite teams have already been knocked out including Louisville who lost in stunning fashion to Michigan. I’m pretty upset about it, but not as much as this northwestern fan who nearly lost during the game.


Check out this kids meltdown below:


Poor kids already become an internet meme. But hey, at least he passionate about something.


I still have one team in the tourney that I’m rooting for and that’s Kentucky. I was lucky enough to see them play earlier this season and they put up 103 points against North Carolina. It was easily one of the best games I’ve ever seen not only in college ball but in any sport. My bracket may be broken but at least I’ve got one team still to root for!


Are you watching the NCAA March Madness? How is your bracket doing? ​