Joey Deez Blog “There Were Some Refreshments”

January 25, 2017


 We read a great story on today’s show about the Patriots fan that pulled the fire alarm at the hotel where the Steelers were staying last weekend. He got caught, and when talking to the police he gave the greatest excuse for why he did it; he said “because I’m drunk, I’m stupid, and I’m a Pats fan. This guy is clearly not the brightest bulb in the bunch, but the true icing on the cake is that the rooms the Steelers were staying in weren’t even affected by the alarm. So he pretty much pulled the alarm for nothing but a fat fine. Being a Patriots fan I hate to hear stories like this because it makes the whole fan base look bad and let’s be honest, we don’t need any more help in that area. But we’ve all been a little too drunk before and done stupid things, myself being no exception.


I clearly remember this one time I was out with a bunch of friends doing a bit of competitive drinking and well when you start doing one thing competitively, it leads to all sorts of challenges. One of these challenges was to see who could do the most pull-ups off of a hanging sign. A simple challenge for most but for me things well terribly wrong. Turns out the tube shaped sign was very dusty and when I jumped up to grab it, I immediately slipped off and scraped all the skin right off my elbows. This quickly ended my night as I was bleeding profusely from both arms. I had to use a lot of paper towels and my jacket to hide the bleeding so I could get a ride home and by the end of the night, I was laughing stock of Facebook. Did I learn my lesson? Probably not, but I won’t be doing any more physical challenges while drunk.


When did you do something stupid because you were a little too drunk? ​