Joey "Deez" Blog "17 Years"

November 4, 2016

It’s crazy to think that today, Friday the 4th, The BJ and Migs show will be celebrating 17 years of being on air in Seattle. I’m already getting pumped up to see a bunch of Rock-A-Holics tonight down at Louie G’s pizzeria! Besides great food and drink, they’ll be a live Beat Migs, contests, awesome prizes, and of course, Rock Girls! What’s not to like? We’ve had 17 years to perfect the fine art of partying and I think we’ve mastered the formula, so come check it out!  


Every year around this time I start thinking about all the memorable moments on the show, that stuff that really sticks in your head and makes you laugh every time you think about it. Things like the Beat Migs victory songs, BJ getting sick from spider bites, or my favorite, Live Day on the Rock. Watching the Foley Artists recreate sounds of The Rev frantically running to the bathroom and not making it in time was one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen or heard.  Those artists really got a good sense of our show after that, and the look on their faces when we asked them for that sound effect was priceless, total deer in the headlights moment. But that’s just one of my favorite moments, and I know the Rock-A-Holics probably have a huge list of their own favorite moments and I want to hear them!


What’s that one thing you always remember about the BJ and Migs show? ​