Joey Deez Blog "Bad Decisions"

November 17, 2016

There’s a lot of great reasons to get a tattoo in this day and age; honoring a family member, your favorite band, a high school sweet heart. But I’ve got a story from a man named Zach who got a tattoo of Donald Trump on his lower back, why you ask? Because he lost a bet with his friends, and they have the most creative sense of humor (or torture depending on how you look at it) that I’ve ever seen. At first I didn’t believe it, but we got Zach to call into the show and he talked about the experience in vivid detail, and while it may be a source of humor for a lot people, it sure seemed like a bit of a burden for the guy. I can’t think of any bet I would make were losing would result in me getting that kind tramp stamp of Donald Trump. He did say it was a conversation starter though, but his girlfriend is not a fan.


I don’t have any tattoos personally, but there have been a couple of drunken nights were I’ve been real close to getting one. One night I almost convinced a group of people to each get a different character from Spongebob Sqaure pants tattooed on their shoulder. No idea why, but thankfully someone in the group had the smarts to convince me that a huge starfish on my back was something that not only would I regret, but would probably just look like a giant sun burn. Things really didn’t get much better for me after that, as I continued my drunken antics on the street outside. I took a bet that I could do 10 pull-ups on an arm of a hanging street lamp and let’s just say, things did not go as planned. I immediately slipped off of it because of how slippery it was, (probably because of rain) and scraped a big chunk of skin right off my elbow. The pain was pretty intense and it looked pretty brutal, but real kicker was the $20 bucks I had to give my buddy for losing the bet. My ego took a pretty big hit that night and I don’t think I’ll ever live it down. Even the Uber driver on the ride home got some good jabs in, so I guess I know how Zach feels, at least a little.


What’s the stupidest thing you’ve ever done? ​