Joey "Deez" Blog "Bad Driving vs. Bus"

November 8, 2016

They say you get a lot of your bad habits from your parents and unfortunately it looks like we’ve got more evidence to support this claim. A new study has found that you’re more likely to be a bad driver if your parents are bad drivers. Well this doesn’t look good for me, considering both my parents are….below average drivers. If you include my sister in the picture, my whole family has problems behind the wheel. Well, everyone but me. Looks like I’ve inherited all the driving skills in my family. It’s almost a decade and I’ve had zero accidents and no speeding tickets. I’m on a clear path to become an amazing NASCAR driver, or maybe just the best bus driver Seattle has ever seen. I wish people who have problems driving in the rain would just take the bus, that way we can keep the roads safe and less packed. But I doubt that will ever happen, considering the fact that my parents would then have to take the bus, and I don’t see that happening anytime soon.


Normally I wouldn’t be so quick to believe a study like this, considering I like to give my parents the benefit of the doubt, but there is a story that immediately popped in my head that helped prove it to be true. One time, while on vacation in California, my family and I were driving around looking for our hotel. Par the usual, BJ was driving, lost, trying to find the way back to the hotel using his SIRI. My mom was shouting at him constantly, and rightfully so, as we had been lost for a while; which is impressive considering he was using a GPS. But it wasn’t until we ended up at the beach, on the edge of a boardwalk, that I realized just how lost we had gotten. Part of me was confused, but the other part of me was impressed. Why did the GPS have us go onto a beach? And why did my dad listen to the stupid thing. A mystery that may never be solved but I did learn to always double check my directions. Oh, and to never get in a car if BJ is driving.


Are you a good driver? Or did you inherit your parents poor diving? ​