Joey Deez Blog "Bad Jokes"

July 13, 2017



It’s throw down Thursday Rock-a-Holics and what better way to start off the day than an awkward moment between celebrities. The ESPY awards happened yesterday and host Peyton Manning tried to make a joke about Durant being traded to the Warriors. Let me tell you, Durant did not look pleased after hearing the joke; neither did former teammate Russell Westbrook. I, on the other hand, though it was hilarious. But don’t take my word for it, watch it for yourself.


Check out Kevin Durants reaction to Peyton Mannings' joke below:



HaHaHaHa. I’m going to have to make a clip of Durant’s reaction for future use. You can tell he is really pissed but his mom seemed to think it was funny. Honestly Peyton Manning is the last person I thought would make a joke like that but 

I think it made it that much better. I think we all have a couple of bad jokes that we personally love but other people think are real stupid. Don’t think so? Let me tell you one that Uncle Chris shared with me today, “I really like the way the Earth rotates, it makes my day”. Clever Chris, using science in your joke but you will get no laugh from me! If that made you chuckle, you’ve got a friend in Chris. What about you Rock-A-Holics……


What’s the worst joke you’ve ever heard? Do you have a go-to bad joke? ​