Joey Deez Blog "Bass Guitar"

June 21, 2017


What’s up Rock-A-Holics! Welcome to Wednesday. Today I’ve got a video for you that will have you feeling funkyyyy. In the video a man plays several different bass guitars varying in price from $100 - $10,000 so that we the viewers could compare the quality with our own ears. Take a listen and see which guitar you like the best!



This guy has some real talent and makes all the guitars really sound great. I have to admit, I like the sound coming from the $10,000 guitar the most but its close. The $700 guitar definitely holds its own and sounds great considering its $9,300 cheaper than the other guitar. The $100 clearly falls short in comparison to the other two, but honestly if you can play the guitar like the guy in this video, you probably won’t have a problem. Unfortunately for me, I don’t think any amount of money will turn me into a Rock Star. Given the choice, I’d probably buy the $100 guitar then spend the other $9,900 on pizza.


Which guitar do you think sounded the best? ​