Joey Deez Blog "Behind the Scenes"

March 21, 2017


It never ceases to amaze me how much work is put into something behind the scenes. Being part of the audience, we are constantly spoiled with a polished, shiny product that seems almost effortless to put together. But it’s not until we get a special look past the curtain that we really gain a new prospective on just how much effort it takes to make a great product, no matter what business it is. That’s why today when I watched this video of a quick make-up change on a show many of us have grown to love, I was once again given a new appreciation for perfect production. What show am I talking about? Check out the video below to find out!



Seriously, that stage call came down to literally seconds before everyone was in place. I have no idea how those makeup artists were able to get all that done in four minutes, but props to them. And let’s not forget to mention the actors that have to go through multiple outfits, get pushed out on stage, and then switch characters, all in a matter of minutes.


I feel like most jobs have things that happen behind the scenes that most people would find crazy if they really knew about. Do you have something like that at your job?