Joey Deez Blog "The Best Commercials"

February 7, 2017

I’m still riding high after The Big Game over the weekend and while most people didn’t enjoy the outcome one thing that everyone has been talking about are the commercials that aired during the game. I feel like the quality of commercials during The Big Game have really declined in recent years and while there were a couple of bad misses this year, some of them really did make me laugh.


One of my favorites was definitely the Mr. Clean commercial. If you haven’t seen it, check it out below:



It’s wrong in all the right ways. All my friends thought the commercial was hilarious and it sparked ideas for many future ads featuring Mr. Clean’s “creative” dance moves. I can’t say that cleaning has ever gotten me any action like that, but maybe I’m just using the wrong product.


My second favorite has to be the Brett Favre Buffalo Wild Wings commercial. We finally get the truth about all those interceptions that Favre threw!



Simply a classic not to mention I’d blame anything on Buffalo Wild Wings just to make an excuse to go there and chow down. If you liked these commercials, check out the rest on YouTube, many of them are very funny!


What was your favorite commercial? Do you have a rankings list? ​