Joey "Deez" Blog "The Big Game"

November 11, 2016

This Sunday is one of the biggest games of the year for your Seattle Seahawks as they battle my favorite team, The New England Patriots. The game will be an epic rematch of Superbowl 49, and if my prediction is correct, the best game of the regular season. The Hawks are coming off a great Monday night win were they put up 31 points against the Bills, and they’re going to need that high powered offense to compete with the unstoppable force that is Tom Brady and Rob Gronkowski. Unfortunately for Hawks fans, this game is at Gillette stadium, so they won’t have that booming 12th man crowd to help tilt the scales in their favor. Instead, The Patriots will have a couple special guests rooting them on this weekend, and by special, I mean me and some friends.


That's right, your read it correctly. Two of my favorite, die hard patriot fans and I will be venturing down to Boston this weekend to check off a much anticipated bucket list item; Watching Tom Brady play at Gillette stadium. I’ve been counting down the days leading up to this weekend for months now and I can’t believe it’s finally here. I doubt you’ll see me in the crowds, as I’ll probably blend in well with my drunken Partriot fans, but keep a look out! The football game isn’t the only thing I’m looking forward to this weekend though. Because how could you forget about the food? I’ve been prepping my stomach for some amazing Italian restaurants by eating nothing but carbs. Seattle has some great food, but I’ve really missed that authentic east coast pasta and pizza. And of course, all the pastries and donuts a heart could desire. If you don’t recognize me when I get back, it’s because of all the food.