Joey Deez Blog "Binge-Worthy"

April 18, 2017


Welcome to Tuesday Rock-A-Holics! The week is officially underway and if you’re anything like me, you started a new TV series over the weekend that you just can’t wait to watch more of. I find that the week goes by quicker if I have a show to look forward to when I get home. What show have I been watching recently? A show that’s a bit older now but hailed as one of the best series of all time, “The Sopranos”. I’ll admit this show has been awesome. The acting is incredible. The Italian mobsters are portrayed so well and really capture the new age gangster struggle. Not to mention all the great pasta they eat throughout the show; I was a bit jealous. I’ve definitely been hooked on the show for a while now.


Steve recently shared that he just finished watching “Stranger Things”. He’s a bit late to the party on that one, though not as late as me, but I’m glad that he finally watched it because I wanted to know what Stevie Tomatoes would think of it. No surprise, it got a great score in the 90’s. I think my favorite part about Netflix is that you can find series that are 12 episodes long, or 60. So if you’re the kind of person that likes longer shows that go in-depth with character development, you’re covered. Or if you want to be finished with a show in just one weekend, they have you covered too. Sometimes starting is the hardest part though because of all the amazing titles to pick from. I’m almost finished with The Sopranos myself and I’m about to have this problem which means I need your help picking a new show Rock-A-Holics!


What show are you currently Binge watching? ​