Joey Deez Blog "Cats or Dogs?"

March 22, 2017


Today’s blog is sure to cause some controversy for I’m asking you the Rock-A-Holics for an answer to an age old question… but don’t worry, it’s not about pineapple on pizza (which is awesome). No, for today’s blog, I want to know which animal reigns supreme, CATS or DOGS?


For me the answer is easy, DOGS! For one, I grew up with a tiny dog that constantly kept my life exciting even when I didn’t want it to. Something about that wag of the tail just puts a smile on your face, especially after a long day at work. Throughout the years I’ve gotten to meet many a pups that my friends kept while in college and all of them have been awesome. Currently, my favorite dog is a cute pit bull mix named Sophie that my friend uses as a bargaining tool to get people to hang out. I feel like cats don’t have the same pull, but then again, maybe I’m just a hater.


Let’s check out what the rest of the show has to say:

BJ – I hate them all.

Steve – Dogs

Rev - Cats

Vicky – Neither but usually cool because they leave you alone.

Danny – Dogs

Sara – Whichever ones are hairless

Chris - Cats


Looks like we’re split down the middle, with a couple of pet haters sprinkled in. I can’t blame them though; pets are a lot of work. Currently only Steve and Rev have pets, and they’re on opposite sides of the fence. Lucky for us, we get to enjoy both, whether it be in person or on Twitter.


Do you prefer CATS….or….DOGS?  ​