Joey "Deez" Blog "Costumes"

October 28, 2016

We made it! It’s Friday; and a special Friday at that for its Halloween Weekend! Ghosts and Goblins are lurking about and zombies and vampires are rising from the dead to spook the good people of our fine city. Whether you prefer to dress up as a super hero or blend in with these undead creatures, everyone has their favorite costume they love wearing on Halloween. So if you’re torn between what you want to dress up as this weekend, here’s a list of the shows favorite Halloween costumes throughout the years.


BJ – V for Vendetta

Migs – Oiled up Wrestler

Rev – ZomBEE’s

Vicky – Anything Punny, like, Oh I don’t know, ZomBEE’s?

Sara – Black Canary

Danny – Zombies

Chris – Mario going down a green pipe.

Joey – Duffman


Hopefully these ideas sparked your inner fire to dress up this year but if not I hope you remember this, there’s always more food at a party. Even if your costume is just a name tag.


Whats your favorite Halloween Costume?