Joey Deez Blog "Crazy Pets"

March 24, 2017


Earlier this week I wrote a blog about your preference between cats and dogs and the responses were pretty much split down the middle. Not surprising seeing how all pets are awesome, but for all you dog lovers I’ve got some interesting news that I bet all cat lovers can relate to. A new study says that dogs have been found to intentionally manipulate and deceive their owners, especially when the possibility of getting extra food as a reward. I knew it! I always had the feeling that my dog would find ways to get doggy treats by being sneaky or hiding. Now there’s proof! That being said, my dog wasn’t as creative as the one on Conan. Check out this dogs’ mad skills.



Conan’s still got it man! That video was hilarious and man it totally reminds me of a time my dog took an entire large pizza off the table and hid it downstairs. She managed to eat about half the pizza before passing out on the couch. It wasn’t till the next morning when I woke up that I found in a food coma, with the evidence smeared all over the couch. Needless to say I was pretty pissed off; I had no pizza and a giant mess to clean up.


What’s the craziest thing your pet has ever done? ​