Joey Deez Blog "Crazy Robots"

March 1, 2017

It seems like everyone morning when I check the news there’s a fresh story about some crazy new invention that has turned fantasy into reality in the field of robotics. Sometimes it’s a new drone, other times it’s a car that can drive itself, but today it’s a crazy robot that is probably more flexible than I am. Don’t believe me? Well prepare to have your mind blown.


Check out this robots’ crazy moves:



I’ve shown a couple of people this video and the reaction is always the same, “This is how Skynet begins”. Ok, maybe it’s not that bad but man it is impressive. The first thing that comes to mind is getting a fleet of these bad boys together to do all the heavy lifting that normally would take hours and have it done in minutes. And that would just be the beginning. If I could get one of these things to cook for me it would be Game Over. I’m sure we’re a long way from that but a man can dream!


What would you have this robot do? What job would you want it to replace? ​