Joey Deez Blog "Crazy Shots"

May 17, 2017


What’s up Rock-A-Holics! Welcome to Wednesday. By now you’re probably hitting that “middle of the day madness” hoping for anything to distract you from the rest of the work that is piling up. Well look no further because I’ve got a whole playlist of videos to keep you sane throughout the rest of your work week. “Dude Perfect” is a series of YouTube videos were a bunch of friends try and do crazy trick shots across various sports. If you ever played a sport, you’ve probably spent a bunch of time doing this yourself so I’m sure you’ll appreciate the absurd shots they make in this video!


Check out this Dude Perfect video featuring some crazy giant basketball trick shots:


I can’t help but wonder how long it took to film all these crazy shots because there’s no way they nailed it on the first take. In my opinion the hardest shot by far was the fishing throw. That ball looked soaked and tossing it from a boat is no easy task. I guess that’s why he fell off after making the shot. When I was in school, my friends and I would try to do all kinds of crazy trick shots. A lot of them were flashy and not very practical for play, but man when you made one you felt like a champion. Our signature move was a blindfolded double pass into an over the shoulder shot. We also did a similar challenge on giant yoga balls were we would try and spear each other off without falling ourselves. I really shined in this event because my size gave me a giant advantage; long arms finally paying off. It’s been a while sense I’ve done anything like this though, maybe I’ll have to get my friends together for a reunion and make a video!


What about you? Can you do any crazy trick shots?