Joey Deez Blog "Crazy Weekends"

August 7, 2017

Waking up today was harder than usual Rock-A-Holics. Not only is it a Monday, but myself and the rest of the show just got back from our trip to Atlanta for Morning Show Boot Camp! The whole crew spent several days in Atlanta honing our radio skills and catching up with old friends from around the country. Of course there was a bunch of eating and drinking but no trip would be complete without BJ making a woman cry. Don’t worry though because he has assured me they were tears of joy. I’m not exactly sure how a conversation ends up going down a road were someone starts crying but ill count my blessings that I did not inherit that gift. On the last day of the event when all our work was done, Danny and I decided to have a friendly completion to see who could drink more. We kept tally marks on our arms and at one point we both had over 15 marks on our arms. It was then when I started to regret my decision; I realized that Danny wasn’t going to back down. I took two more shots before tapping out at a casual 17 drinks on the night. Dany managed to make it to 20 drinks before drunkenly throwing the pen he was using to mark his drinks at me. I destroyed that pen then passed out. Danny defeated me fair and square. I have no idea where that guy puts all that alcohol but he has earned the title “Best Drinker”. I’m sure I’ll have a shot at the title again sometime soon. All in all, the trip was great and I learned a lot but more importantly I now know never to challenge Danny to a drinking contest!





That was just part 1 of my crazy weekend because on Sunday I had a friend’s wedding to attend over in Greenlake. I was lucky enough to be a groomsman so I was looking extra fancy in my stylish tuxedo. I’ve known the groom for 10 years and he’s been with his beautiful wife for 12 so this wedding had been a long time coming. It was awesome to finally see them tie the knot. The food was great and the wine was flowing! I may have done some drunken dancing throughout the night, and by dancing I mean flaying around aimlessly. Lucky for me no one seem to mind my horrible moves. Congrats again to the happy couple, James and Yael, and may life bring you nothing but happiness!



This was definitely one of my busiest weekends ever, but totally worth it!


If money wasn’t an issue, how would you spend your weekend?​