Joey Deez Blog "Crushing It"

July 18, 2017

Hello Rock-A-Holics! Today is Tuesday which can mean only one thing…..TACOS! Hopefully you have plans to get some tasty tacos today or at the very least, a big plate of nachos. And while you’re eating, you’ll need something to keep your mind off of work and I’ve got just the thing. Some kids want to win, others just want to play. This kid, well, he just wants to troll.  


Check out this video of a disappointed dad and a kid with chocolate milk on his mind:.



Why didn’t he cross the finish line….WHY? I don’t care how thirsty you are, finish the race kid. I love the dad’s reaction in this video. He just turns around shaking his head in complete disappointment and walks away. He doesn’t even go get the kid after the race is over hahaha. This video reminds me a lot of how my dad must have felt at all my basketball games; full of shame yet very entertained. In my defense, we lost most of our games not because of my lack of skill but because of my extreme laziness. Who wants to run up and down both sides of the court? Not this guy. I should have stuck to 3v3 leagues; I could have been a half-court hero. ​