Joey "Deez" Blog "Days Off"

November 2, 2016

We’ve made it to November which means the days are getting shorter and the nights are getting longer. And the mornings, well, they’re getting colder; making your bed the last thing you want to get out of. So if you’re looking for a creative way to get out of work this week, there is a new list of the strangest reasons people have used to take a day off of work. Proceed with caution though, as some of these people might not have thought their plan all the way through.


The people who used these excuses must be some of the most creative people in the world because I don’t know how they thought it would work. One guy called his workplace and told them he couldn’t make it to work because he had a casserole in the oven. Although hilarious, there are some major flaws in this plan. If I was the boss, I would just have the guy show up late to work, with the casserole, so I could eat it. How long does a casserole even take to make? He could have said that he burned himself cooking that might have worked, but probably not. Sara, from the show, shared a story were she tried to use the excuse of burning her neck while straightening her hair to get out of work but still had to go in. The boss caught her lying because she went into work and hadn’t straightened her hair. That plan was not well executed.  Lastly, a man called into work saying that he couldn’t show up because he still had money left over from gambling over the weekend and you never break a lucky streak. I can’t say the guys wrong, one time I called in sick while working at a grocery store because I had won $500 dollars the night before gambling. Sometimes you just have to keep winning.


What’s the best excuse you’ve used to get out of work? ​