Joey Deez Blog "Drones"

December 2, 2016


This morning started off a bit stranger than most. I walked into work and hit my head on a low hanging ceiling. Quickly enraged, I thrusted about in angry, and to my surprise I hit something. As it turns out, I didn’t bump my against a ceiling, I was attacked….by a drone! Yes, it looks like Santa came early this year and gave our very own Uncle Chris the greatest prank machine ever created. I’d never flown a drone until today, and I have to say it’s pretty awesome. It’s essentially just a giant flying race car but instead of having to stay on track, you can fly it anywhere you want. I just wish Chris hadn’t flown it into my head, but sometimes you have to take the good with the bad. And in this case, I think it definitely worth it. Mostly because of all the awesome videos we are going to get to make of BJ freaking out over the crazy pranks we pull on him; stayed tuned in to our social media pages for all the action.


While it’s all fun and games for us here at the station, I do see the problem people have with drones. They’re incredibly mobile and with the addition of a small camera, they can record practically anything from a great angle. And they’re fast, faster than you would think. You can trust me on this; after all, I got smacked in the head by one. Privacy issues are definitely going to keep coming up as a topic of discussion around these crazy drone things but there is a silver lining. After seeing these babies in action, there will definitely come a day were we have all our packages delivered via drone. Can you imagine it? Same day delivery with easy tracking; your drone flying through the sky like the magic carpet from Aladdin with one job;  to bring you all the random stuff you ordered from early that day while you may or may not have been drunk. Hopefully more alcohol if you planned ahead. Man the future is going to be awesome. Time to go fly this drone in BJ head, Have a great weekend!


Do you like drones? Or do you think we should get rid of them?