Joey Deez Blog "Dum Dum’'"

May 30, 2017


Welcome back from the long weekend Rock-A-Holics! Hopefully that extra day off helped you rest up for this week and you’ve come back pumped full of energy. No matter how old you get some things never change and a love for Lollipops is something that shall remain true until the end of time. Even if it’s just to recall old memories of a younger self, everyone can remember a moment were they enjoyed a lollipop. I remember trips to the doctor’s office being made easy once the doctor handed me a Dum Dum. Tootsie Pops are great but they’ve got nothing on Dum Dum’s. They were smaller and had way more flavors so you were incentivized to eat more of them; Smart move on their part. But have you ever wondered how they made their “mystery flavor”? Well know we have the answer and it’s pretty awesome.


Check out this video about the crazy way Dum Dum’s get their “Mystery” flavor:


Whoa…that’s crazy. Essentially, you could get a different mystery flavor depending on what flavor was in the machine before. What a great way of saving money and adding a mystery to your product. Now that I’ve seen how these candies are made I want to create my own flavor. Nothing as crazy as pizza (mostly because I think your candy should be sweet) but if I had to choose a flavor it would have to be mango. I like a bit of fruit with my sweets and mango is my 

favorite fruit of all time. I feel like there are a million different flavors you could go with, so I’m asking you Rock-A-Holics…..

What is your favorite Lollipop Flavor? What flavor do you wish they would make? ​

Make sure to check out for all your Dum Dum needs plus a bunch of other great candies!