Joey Deez Blog "E3"

June 14, 2017


What’s up Rock-A-Holics! I am back from vacation and as you probably expected I’m a bit hungover. Hopefully you enjoyed Sara taking over the blog while I was gone, I’m sure she only had nice things to say about me. I’m happy to be back and it seems I’ve missed a lot being gone. The gaming world held one of its greatest Expo’s while I was gone, E3. The Electronic Entertainment Expo 2017 dropped a bunch of great titles that are sure to get you excited for this year’s major releases.


Check out this video of teasers from E3 below:


Man these games are looking awesome. Normally I’m not a huge fan of sequels but seeing that God of War and The Last of Us are the games getting them, I’m totally in. The game that has me most excited is definitely The Persistence. Being a huge Dead Space fan, this game is right down my alley. Space zombies are the best zombies. If this video got you pumped up I recommend checking out more of the trailers on YouTube, especially the extended versions of your favorites.


What game are you looking forward to the most? ​