Joey Deez Blog "Eating Challenge"

March 23, 2017


Well Rock-A-Holics, I’ve got a new Youtube addiction, Competitive eating. I’m not just talking about hot dog eating contests, this genre of video has expanded to just about anything you can imagine. One of my favorite eating contenders is Youtuber by the name Matt Stonie and let me tell you, this guy can eat. I’ve got a big appetite but this guy make me looks like a guppy.


Check out one of Matt’s videos below, skip to 3:40 if you want to get straight to the eating.


I have no idea where all that food goes. The dude is tiny and yet he can eat more than anyone I’ve ever seen. Not to mention how fast he does it. 50 donuts in under 11 minutes, are you kidding me?! I love donuts but I don’t think that I could even do 25 in that time.


If I had to do an eating challenge it would have to be pizza. I know I can eat at least an entire large pizza myself (I won that bet) but I have no idea how much more I could eat after that. Matt has a bunch of other videos out there and let me tell you, if you think one large pizza is a lot, just watch him eat 3.


If you have to pick one thing to binge eat, what would it be? ​