Joey Deez Blog "Epic Weekend"

April 19, 2017


Welcome to Wednesday my rocket fueled rockers! It’s Hump Day and my mind is lost somewhere in a faraway space dreaming of the weekend. The best part about drifting off in the middle of the week is that feeling of limitless possibilities for your future plans no matter what the cost. This got me thinking, if I could start a crowd funding page for any one activity to make my weekend epic and have it instantly be funded, what would it be? What are the most epic weekend plans that I could come up with?


Many things ran through my head; a fully rented out bar to watch the NBA playoff games; a party bus down to Safeco field to watch the Mariners play while eating and drinking in a suite; A boat party with all my friends.


So many great ideas came to mind. But the best one by far would be a flight down to Vegas for two days to see shows and gamble. It’s a short flight, about 2 ½ hours, and once you’re in Vegas; you can do just about anything you want. Drive fast cars, see crazy shows, or drinking on the street, what better place is there to kick back and let your imagination run wild. Now all I’ve got to do is come up with a great reason for someone to fund me because somehow I have a feeling “Drinking Beer” won’t be good enough. Oh well, I guess it will just have to be a Wednesday fantasy for now.


If you could have your weekend fully paid for, what would you do?