Joey "Deez" Blog "Family Quirks"

November 18, 2016

Jimmy Fallon has really been knocking out of the park on his show lately. The other day he had people read tweets with the title “My Family is Weird”, asking people what odd quirks their family has. I never considered my family to be normal (honestly were closer to the opposite) but some of the tweets that were read on his show is starting to make me think otherwise. My favorite was tweet went a little something like this….”I knew my family was weird when I showed my friends all the pictures of crap that my family sends each other on a day to day basis. I have to say, this definitely gave me that queasy feeling in my stomach. Why would you want to see that much poop, let alone the poop of your family? I don’t care how impressive you think it is, or what celebrity it looks like. You can leave me out of that group text.


As bad as that is, my family may be on the same weirdness level. First off, my mom lives in California while the rest of our family lives here in Seattle. While family dinners may be a bit difficult, we actually make the situation work pretty well. Watching my mom try to navigate FaceTime is hilarious; women in my family aren’t very tech savvy. This, of course, all goes on the radio, which definitely is a bit odd for most people to hear. They think most of the stories aren’t real, but to their surprise, they are. This often leads to some pretty awkward conversations, like one I had with my friend’s dad about how I flunked a huge math test in high school. He went on for about twenty minutes about all the different ways he would reprimand me to ensure a better grade next time. At one point he mentioned a hose, and how I would have to shower with it every day as a punishment.  He clearly didn’t know me that well because just to spite him, I wouldn’t shower. But the oddest thing that people often bring up about me was the 18 years I went being a vegetarian. That’s right, from 0 – 18 I never ate meat. The struggle was real. Turns out, most people eat meat at every meal, and every time I would go over to a friend’s house, the parents thought I was screwing with them. They quickly changed their minds though when they realized the alternative food for me to eat was vegetables. No one complains when you eat vegetables, but ask for one cookie and they freak out. The day I turned 18 I tried pepperoni and now, 10 years later, I’ve never looked back. It’s just too good.


What’s that one weird quirk your family has? ​