Joey Deez Blog "Favorite Food"

June 2, 2017

Its Friday Jr. Rock-A-Holics! That means we are one step closer to the weekend and some much needed extra sleep. Besides sleep there’s one thing I always look forward to on the weekend and that’s food. I try and do my best to maintain some kind of “healthy” diet on the weekdays but once Saturday rolls around I throw my diet out the window and eat everything in sight. What’s the first thing I eat once my diet disappears….Pizza of course! Being my favorite food, nothing puts me in a better mood than a nice slice of pie on a Saturday afternoon. On the BJ and Migs show today, they talked about a survey that asked people to name that one food they could eat for the rest of their life. Turns out all they really had to do was ask me because the #1 food that people picked was Pizza! No shocker there considering many studies have been done that say pizza is the most addicting food item. I’ve got a couple of extra pounds on me to prove that.


While pizza is the one food that I can never pass up it that doesn’t mean there aren’t some close seconds in my life. Pad Thai, hell any Thai food really, makes an appearance quite often on my weekends. A couple of other items that made the list of top 10 foods people would eat for the rest of life include things such as, Steak, Ice cream, Spaghetti… and BACON! Can’t go wrong with any of these, although I’ve eaten too much bacon before and there isn’t enough Tums in the world to cure that heart burn. The most dangerous thing on this list would definitely have to be Ice Cream. It’s easy to lose track how much of it you’re actually eating and by the time you realize what you’ve done, the carton is empty. This list has some great choices but I want to hear from you Rock-A-Holics…..


What would you put on this list of foods you could eat for every meal? What would make your top 10?  ​