Joey Deez Blog "Fool Me Once"

April 26, 2017


Welcome to another wonderful Wednesday Rock-A-Holics! It may be just another hump day but I’ve got a special video that will make you feel like a genius in comparison to this guy. Failing once in front of your friends can be humiliating, but twice? Well that’s a recipe for a perfect storm.


Check out this video of an epic fail followed by expected reaction from friends:



Now that’s got to bruise your ego. I mean, first you break your awesome beer stein, which is pretty bad, but then on top of that, you explode the keg? There’s no way any of your friends are going to help you clean that up. The worst part though is all that wasted beer; no beer should every go unconsumed. At least the friends of this poor dude did get a good laugh despite being sprayed with delicious beer. We’ve all had that moment when we’ve looked like a complete idiot in front of our friends. I know I have. Just a couple weeks ago I broke a beer glass trying to do a drop shot. The glass shattered all over the bar and I was kindly asked to leave after paying my tab. I got no alcohol and still had to pay. Now I’m known as the drunkest sober guy among my friends. I’ll have to do something stupider to get a better nickname.


When have you looked like a complete idiot in front of your friends? ​