Joey Deez Blog "Game Shows"

February 22, 2017

After a long day’s work there’s nothing better than a nice seat on the couch with some tasty food, a fresh brew, and a favorite game show. I always find unwinding to be  so much more relaxing when I throw on Jeopardy or Wheel of Fortune; probably because you can zone in and out as you like without feeling like you’ve missed too much. In case you happened to miss this awesome clip of Jeopardy where Alex Trebek read rap lines, take a minute to take a look:



It looks like Alex Trebek is finally embracing his inner rap artist. I really do enjoy this more edgy Trebek that we are getting in his later years. It’s probably why I watch Jeopardy more than any other game show. But somehow I feel like I might be the only one on the show who does, so let’s check out everyone else’s’ favorite game show.


BJ – Hollywood Squares

Steve – Price is Right

Rev – Wheel of Fortune “I’d like to buy an O”

Vicky – Family Feud

Danny – Price is Right

Chris – At Midnight

Sara – Price is Right


Looks like we have a lot of fans of the Price is Right and I think I know why, cars. Who doesn’t love to see people win a free car; plus everyone gets to spin a huge wheel. And let’s not forget the Plinko game with all that big money. I hope to one day to follow in the Rev’s mighty footprints and get onto a game show, but hopefully win a bit more than he did because man did he get real unlucky. That’s how these shows work though; it’s always just a spin of the wheel!


What is your favorite game show? Which one would you most want to compete on?​