Joey Deez Blog "Great Movies"

August 14, 2017


Making it back to Monday can be a struggle so let me be the first to say congratulations on making it Rock-A-Holics. If you had a jam packed weekend like I did, sleep was the first thing to be cut from your long list of activities. One thing that did make the cut, however, was my Father/Son outing to the movies! BJ and I have been trying to make it back the theaters for a while now but our busy schedules have kept us….well…busy… this trip was a much needed mental vacation!


What movie did we go see? Valerian!


Now before you ask why we saw a movie that was getting subpar reviews let me tell you both BJ and I love sci-fi movies. So no matter what is happening, if it’s going on in space, we’re going to like it. And to no one’s surprise, both BJ and I liked it. First off let me tell you that the plot of the movie is very jumbled and full of holes. It clearly tries to do too much and tell a story that is too big for theaters; and the movie clocks in at 137 minutes. Despite this, the movie is jam packed of action and takes you on a space adventure that trumps even guardians of the galaxy when it comes to imagination. The chemistry of the main characters isn’t strong, but I believe that has to do with more with the nature of the script along with the pace of the movie. You don’t feel any strong feelings towards them but you quickly realize that’s not why you’re watching the movie. Every scene moves quickly and really makes you feel like you’re traveling to a thousand different worlds. The CGI is some of the best I’ve seen and has me excited to see the future of space movies, epically Avatar 2. I’m sure I enjoyed it more because I went into the movie expecting the plot to be bad so I can understand those who were a bit disappointed after all the hype it had. I would still recommend it to anyone who loves sci-fi or action movies, because it definitely delivers on that. I would give it a 7/10.


My hope is that Neflix picks it up as a 10-12 episode series. It would be a great show to binge watch!


What’s the best movie you’ve seen this year? ​