Joey Deez Blog "Happy Birthday!"

December 6, 2016

Today is a special day for someone in our office, and in my family! But for whom you ask? Well, if you guessed Sara, you’d be right! Today is my little sister’s birthday and she is officially turning 21…..again.…Or at least it feels that way with all the gifts that are pouring into the office. Seriously, there’s more wine in this room than an Italian vineyard, and more balloons than a damn Apple commercial. But hey, at least things are a bit more colorful and there’s something to get drunk off of. But that will have to wait till later because Sara had one simple request for her birthday this year and that was to see Bad Santa 2.


I’m a huge fan of the first Bad Santa movie and who doesn’t love Billy Bob Thornton so I’m pretty pumped that this is what she chose to do today. Oh and I almost forgot to mention the birthday meal. While she hasn’t decided where she wants to go yet, I’m always looking forward to a free meal; thanks ahead of time, pops! Sara and I are lucky her birthday is on a Tuesday this year epically after the epic birthday weekend she threw. We both needed a couple of extra days to recover from one hell of a hangover. I’m not sure what tradition has stuck in my head more over the years, the party’s or the hangovers that follow. Either way, this giant meal we’re about to gorge on with be my kind of recovery.


What do you like to do on your birthday?  Do you have any birthday traditions? ​