Joey Deez Blog "Holiday Drinking"

December 13, 2016

As we approach the half way point in December many of us will soon be having our company holiday party. For most, it will be a great night full of laughs, cheer and joy. But for some it may end up being a boos filled nightmare. Either way, I’m sure it’s a night that you’ll try and remember. One thing that always surprises me during these parties is the amazing drinks they roll out. There’s almost always a theme or a list of specialty drinks and every year I say that I won’t try them all, but about four drinks  in and I get into “Joe the conqueror mode”. Now while many of these drinks involved alcohol, my favorite drink from last year actually didn’t have any in it. I’m not usually a big eggnog fan but man the eggnog at this party was absurd. I don’t know what they put in it (maybe I was drunk) but I had so much that I had one wicked hangover the next day; turns out that there is a thing as too much eggnog. That being said, I would totally do it again. That is, if I could ever find it. Hopefully this holiday party will have it again!


Let’s see what the crew likes to drink during the holidays.


BJ – Irish Coffee (whisky and coffee)

Steve – Coors Light

Rev – Eggnog and Sprite

Danny – Eggnog with Rum

Sara – Peppermint Hot chocolate

Uncle Chris – Eggnog with Rum


What your favorite holiday drink?