Joey Deez Blog "Holiday Gifts"

January 4, 2017

Although the holiday season has come and gone it left us with some awesome gifts to keep us in the holiday spirits as we break into the 2017 year. And if you’re extra special like me, you also got the added bonus of a depleted bank account. But gift giving is worth every penny and if you’re lucky you also received a couple of gifts; hopefully some time consuming enough to distract you from the freezing weather we’ve been stuck with.


For me, one of the best and most surprising gifts I got this year came from my very own sister Sara. She made me a holiday gift basket. In it was some pretty sweet stuff but the sweetest was a couple of gourmet hot chocolate mixes that are guaranteed to keep you warm during a cold winter’s day. I sometimes get hot cocoa at work and share some with her; so she had the nice idea to up my cocoa game. Smart move on her part, especially sense I had to bring it into work for her to try.  You’d be surprised how the little things really make the most difference.

Did you get an awesome gift this holiday season? What was the coolest gift you gave to someone? ​