Joey Deez Blog "Holiday Lights"

January 6, 2017


It’s been a while sense I’ve hung decorative lights up for the holidays, mostly because I live in an apartment now, but recently it seems like people have been leaving their lights up so long that I don’t even know what holiday they were originally trying to celebrate. I shouldn’t complain too much though, especially sense I personally like the lights, but a lot people I know seem to be on a personal mission to get all the lights down by today, January 6th. Now I’ve never heard of an actual date in which you need to take your lights down, but as far as I’m concerned you can keep them up 24/7.

When I was a kid my parents would always take our family to see the coolest holiday lights in the area and Seattle definitely has some awesome places to go. My favorites were definitely the neighbors who all got together to do a complete light show with a common theme, whether it be sports, food or even Star Wars. It would get me so pumped that I start thinking of all the things I would like to put up in lights, although I was always way too lazy to actually follow through with any of the ideas. Probably a good thing though because I’m pretty sure it would have driven my dad crazy.  I hope people keep their lights up for a bit longer because I haven’t had a chance to see any yet. Plus, it’s so cold, who wants to spend any more time then they have too.


How long do you keep your holiday lights up? Or do you leave them up year round?  ​