Joey Deez Blog "It's a trap!”"

May 10, 2017

Welcome to another edition of Wonderful Wednesday….also known as hump day? Or if you’re playing Beat Migs, Whack it Wednesday! Well no matter what you want to call the middle of the week, it’s that time for a crazy video to help you learn some of the valuable lessons in life you might have missed out on. What lesson will we learn today? When venturing out into nature, always bring your bear repellent.


Check out the video below:


Now that’s something I would not expect to see while biking. I love that the first guy misses the bear and his buddy starts screaming for him to stop. If that was me, I’d be yelling “GO FASTER”. This is one of the great moments that teach you never to underestimate animals. Just look at that bear go; it was easily going to catch those bikers. I remember the last time I went hiking I saw that many of the camp sites had locks on the storage areas and I wondered what animal could break into something like that. Turns out my friend had personally been through an experience in which bears came through his camp and ate their food. Crafty bears, but even they can’t beat a lock. This did get me thinking about the craziest things people see when they are out doors, so I’m asking you Rock-A-Holics;


What’s the craziest thing you’ve seen while outdoors?