Joey Deez Blog "Justice League"

March 27, 2017

What do Garfield and I have in common? We both hate Mondays…..and love lasagna. But I have no lasagna and it’s definitely Monday so it looks like I’m are going to need something to get pumped up today and I’ve got just the thing. For those of you who missed it over the weekend, DC dropped a trailer for the upcoming Justice League movie and you may need to strap yourself in because its action packed!


Check out the Justice League trailer below!


Batman, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, The Flash, and CYBORG? I have no idea how these heroes are going to mesh together but I’m excited to find out! This movie is definitely DC’s version of The Avengers but it looks much darker, but that’s no surprise after Ben Affleck’s last Batman. One interesting note is that there is no appearance from Superman in any part of the trailer. He is mention in the cast list for the movie so I’m thinking he’ll make an epic return to life to save our heroes at the end of the movie. No matter what happens, they already sold me on the movie with the sheer amount of action in the trailer. Even if Aqua Man seems like a fish out of water….


Who’s your favorite Superhero?


Side Note: It's National Joe Day, HURRAY!! Shout out to all my fellow Joe brothers!​